Many Voices One Tribe: Explorations in Veracruz 2015

To know yourself you must know your world. What does it mean to be a person of color in the U.S.? How do we define our identities? How are our identities defined by others? How has history informed the present? What are the similarities and differences between how race is viewed in the U.S. vs. Mexico?

During this five week program, participants will engage in critical discussions, cross cultural competency building, Spanish language immersion, writing workshops, and digital media training. This program is a point of entry not only into the unique mix of cultures that create Mexican identity, but into a broader conversation about social identity. Many Voices One Tribe will accept 16 young writers of color between the ages of 15-18.


APPLICATIONS DUE Nov 17, 2014 by 5PM


Many Voices One Tribe empowers young writers of color to see the world, to know themselves, and to define their futures.


We are committed to dismantling oppression, telling our own stories, and creating global community. Travel and writing are the catalyst to a deeper exploration of our identities and our place in the world.

Program Calendar

October 2014

April 2015

October 19

Rolling Interviews begin

October 21

Family Information Night
Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Location: Amor Spiritual Center - 2528 Beacon Ave S. | Seattle, WA 98144

October 28

Family Information Night
Time: 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Location: Amor Spiritual Center - 2528 Beacon Ave S. | Seattle, WA 98144

November 2014

November 6

Rolling Interviews end

November 17

Applications Due

November 24

Acceptance Notifications

December 2014

December 12

Tribe Welcome Potluck and Passport Event
Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Location: Amor Spiritual Center - 2528 Beacon Ave S. | Seattle, WA 98144

April 1

Passport copies due

April 8

All program fees paid in full

June 29 - July 31, 2015

Week 1:

Seattle. Introductions, mandatory family orientation (July 1, 7PM), expectations, self-identity discussion and written project, museum visits.

Week 2:

Seattle. digital media kit tutorials, blogging 101, cross cultural training, intro to social justice workshop, trip prep.

Week 3:

Veracruz. language lessons, tour of Veracruz, old town scavenger hunt, dancing at the Zocalo, blogging, excursions to Tajin and Xalapa.

Week 4:

Veracruz. language lessons, writer’s workshop, reflection circles, excursion to Yanga.

Week 5:

Seattle. 2 days of rest. Re-entry workshop. Final report out event-participants show short films and read selected pieces of their written reflections to the community that supported them on their journey.


Participants will be expected to purchase their own passport. Two copies of the passport must be turned into Many Voices One Tribe by April 1. All passports must be good through January 2016.


All participants will stay at Veracruz’s Spanish Language Immersion School.

Located two blocks from the beach in a residential neighborhood, the Spanish Language Immersion School has hosted people from around the world seeking a safe place to stay and experiential language lessons with native teachers.

There will be two dormitories separated by gender. Program facilitators will have private rooms in the same building. The school will host our group exclusively for the duration of our program. We will eat breakfast and one additional meal at the school and one meal a day outside so that participants have the opportunity to explore the local cuisine.

Program Fees




Five week program, internship placement assistance, airfare, lodging, food, in-country excursions, Spanish language lessons, discussion, and skill building workshops.

Financial Assistance:

Many Voices One Tribe is committed to making our program accessible to all young writers of color. To that end, we are prepared to help families offset the cost of the program by helping them to plan fundraisers or assisting the participant to secure an internship with a local business willing to donate a portion or in some cases the majority of the program fees.


The Crew: Zion, Azeb, Jordan, Reagan, Eyerusalem.Dear MVOT Supporters,As we welcome the new year I am filled with gratitude for Many Voices One Tribe. I am grateful to the youth and my fearless co-facilitator who dared to take this journey with me. I am also grateful for each and every [...]
Fri, Jan 01, 2016
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By: AzebThe True Spirit of AzebI've been having trouble writing this blog. I feel like by wrapping up my time in Veracruz with this blog I'll be sort of cutting ties with this place, and the last thing I want to do is put this experience to an end. I've [...]
Sat, Aug 15, 2015
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By Eyerusalemthe photo flash mob that left the parade for this pictureFrench toast. The only thing we had planned for today was to eat french toast for breakfast. Reagan was going to wake up early in the morning and make her delicious toast added with the rich vanilla extract she [...]
Tue, Aug 11, 2015
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Seen + Unseen by ZionZion with Dani preparing to hit the pinata at Azeb's unbirthday partyYou see a canvas and you see a mirrorWith one thing you'll be able to see what you've created with your ability, and the other, you'll see a reflection of the outsideYes you can change [...]
Mon, Jul 27, 2015
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The Director

The Director

Reagan Jackson is a writer, visual artist, international educator, and community organizer. She received her MA in International Education in 2006 from the SIT Graduate Institute. As travel and writing have been the two main inspirations and influences on Reagan’s personal sense of self and understanding of the world, she hoped to provide that unique opportunity for self-exploration to others. Her goal is to design and deliver quality youth programming with an emphasis on social justice and cultivating healthy communities of color.

Reagan has lived on four continents, is fluent in Spanish and speaks passable Japanese. She has successfully led eight trips abroad (five to Guatemala and three to Japan), taking over 200 youth with her. Writing continues to be Reagan’s first and abiding love. It was during one of her trips to Guatemala that she began to teach poetry workshops as a way to help participants process their experiences. The blend of travel and writing creates the powerful alchemy of rich reflection that is a key component to the experiential education of Many Voices One Tribe.

Reagan’s self-published works include three collections of poetry: God, Hair, Love, and America, Love and Guatemala, and Summoning Unicorns and two children’s books: Coco LaSwish A Fish From A Different Rainbow and Coco LaSwish: When Rainbows Go Blue. She is a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist and the Black Girl Nerds Blog. Check out her website at:

2015 co-facilitator


Jordan Chaney is a poet and dynamic pubic speaker residing in eastern Washington’s wine country. He is the author of two published works: Double-Barreled Bible, a collection of urban poems that blend eastern and western philosophies, and Rocket Fuel for Dreamers, a poetry book about love and manifesting one’s dreams.

With helping troubled youth as driving force inside of his work, Jordan created Speaking from the pen, a poetry and public speaking workshop that enhances confidence, creativity and communication skills in today’s aspiring performers and speakers. He teaches this class regularly at the local Juvenile Justice Center, alternative high-schools and at various schools through out the state and nation.

Most recently he created Urban Poets Society, a youth-leadership program that promotes the arts, literacy and leadership in our community. Urban Poets Society has created a network of open-mics throughout the Tri-Cities area. WSU Tri-Cities, Barnes and Noble and Paper Street Alehouse have all opened their spaces up to sustain this program. The idea is to create platforms that encourage artists of all types to share their works and build community.

If you would you like to contract Jordan Chaney you can do so via email at or visit him on Facebook at

Get Involved

Co-facilitate the Program

Many Voices One Tribe is seeking two experienced educators to co-facilitate the program in with the Director. Co-facilitators will be provided with a small stipend in addition to all travel costs. Interested applicants should apply by November 2. Apply online using the form below or print off a paper copy and mail to:
Many Voice One Tribe
C/O Amor Spiritual Center
2528 Beacon Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98118

Submissions have closed for the co-facilitator position.

Community Council:

photo Many Voice One Tribe does not currently have a Board of Directors, but rather an advisory board referred to as the Community Council. Members of the Community Council volunteer to meet monthly or as needed to support the growth of the program. We are currently looking for council members with expertise or interest in grant writing and budget development. If you are interested in joining the council please contact Reagan Jackson at

Sponsor an Intern

Many Voices One Tribe is now seeking local businesses interested in providing internships for youth hoping to offset their program fees. For more information contact Reagan Jackson by email at



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mexico?

Mexico provides a unique contrast to the U.S., in that while they are geographically close, the ways in which colonization took place has shaped a dramatically different approach to cultural identity development. There is a wealth of educational experiences available as well as the opportunity to be immersed in Spanish. Also, Mexico is more accessible than many other countries in that airfare is reasonably prices and U.S. citizens do not require an additional visa or any additional vaccinations.

Why youth of color?

While many programs in Seattle serve youth of color, they are not run by people of color. As a result sometimes these well intentioned programs create situations where youth of color are inadvertently used as educational tools for the Social Justice education of their European American peers. Many Voices One Tribe seeks to create a space where youth of color can have a different kind of experience, one in which their education is the central focus, where their identities are not used as a catalyst for other people’s self-exploration, but rather for their own. We also want to create a space where young people from different ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to get to know one another and to create connections and intercultural understanding.

Are there scholarships available?

No. Many Voices One Tribe is committed to providing a program that is accessible to all youth of color, regardless of their economic status. To that end we will work with each youth to place them in an internship where they can learn valuable skills while demonstrating their commitment to the program and earning sweat equity.

Why do you only take 16 participants?

There will be three co-facilitators leading this trip which will make for about a 5 to 1 ratio. With a cohort of sixteen there will be enough of a group so that the youth can engage with one another and be entertained, but not so large a group that anyone will feel lost.

Do I have to know Spanish?

No. If you don’t speak any Spanish, this will be your opportunity to learn. The language school is prepared to offer private lessons to all levels of learners.

Is Many Voices One Tribe a 501c3 non profit?

No. However, all donations are tax deductible. Many Voices One Tribe is an independent program sponsored by the Amor Spiritual Center.

Is Many Voices One Tribe a religious organization?

No. The Amor Spiritual Center is solely a fiscal sponsor. Many Voices One Tribe is not a religious organization.